Landex Music activates a new artiste I See Details

Landex Music, based in Makurdi, Benue state

Gbaaondo Michelle Wuese, the newly signed artiste

To celebrate and grow, Landex Music is proud to activate its 2nd special sensational singer, Gbaaondo Michelle Wuese to fuse in her style of music, growing in stature with each passing year. The 17-year old Gbaaondo Michelle Wuese popularly known as  Michelle G hails from Benue state,  Gboko Local Government area and started her musical career earlier this year . She's a vast experienced, renowned artist that specializes in all genres of music except reggae, attended James Kuv college from 2016 - 2018 and went further to Model Secondary school Maitama in Abuja where she passed her secondary school there. Michelle G's performance in music is undoubtedly one of the most essential pieces to be graced in Benue state and beyond. She will influence generations of musicians, artists and writers of her time and countless others who will see her limelight and impact reverberating. The newly signed artiste has Micky Kelly aka Mr. Shuga as a label mate and will premier a break though album catapulting her into the international spotlight and remain the most streamed body work featuring Micky Kelly, Pevun crush and Fiona very soon. All  songs are produced by Rk soundz.

The announcement was made by @Rk soundz via Facebook. He said : Landex Music unveils and presents to you her new musical artist '' Michelle G ''. She's a super artist with a great voice and you wouldn't want to miss out on been the first to grab this new talent. Get ready for the official unveiling, birthday and listening party of her first EP. Coming soon. Michelle G, the amazing artist of the season. 

Rk soundz can be reached with the following contact information

Facebook :  Rk soundz

instagram :

Whatsapp : 08155789041

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