Alaafin of Oyo: Pa Samuel Ademola Adeladan Narrates Historical Family Lineage of Ilaka Lawuwo Descendants (Video)


The Head (Mogaji) of Agunloye Royal Family, Prince Samuel Ademola Adeladan has narrated the historical family lineage of Ilaka Lawuwo Descendants. Mogaji made this known on Monday 16, 2021 at his country home in Oyo while speaking with journalists from Media 57 Group.

Find below, the excerpt from Pa Samuel’s narration; “I am Prince Samuel Ademola Adeladan of Ilaka Lawuwo, Oyo.
I belong to Agunloye Royal Family and I’m presently the Head of Agunloye Royal Family. The entire and/or the larger Agunloye Family recognized me and ratified my position as Mogaji of Agunloye Family. Furthermore, I want to quickly go into the Historical Family lineage of Ilaka Descendants to the late Imperial Majesty Oba Lawani Amubieya Agogo Ija.
Agogo Ija was the Son of Alaafin Adelu Agunloye. Agunloye ascended the throne of Alaafin of Oyo after the demise of Alaafin Atiba and with that Lawani Amubieya (Agogo Ija) became the Aremo Oba. Certain rift/misunderstanding in Oyo made him go and settle at Oke Aremo, Ibadan, where he built a Palace. Agogo Ija was there for a while. He was later invited after the demise of his father to ascend the throne and become the Alaafin of Oyo. He Agogo Ija was referred to as “O gbe aremo rebadan, O gbe Alaafin bo wale”. He ruled for six (6) years at Oyo (1905 – 1911). Alaafin Lawani Amubieya gave birth to Ladigbolu, Lawuwo, Owoade, Agboin, Tella and other children. LAWUWO – The second son of Alaafin Lawani Amubieya (Agogo Ija) moved from Aafin to establish himself and his descendants at ILAKA. All the Families in Ilaka are the descendants of Lawuwo Ilaka. Lawuwo the son of Alaafin Lawani Amubieya (Agogo Ija). It is only the Descendants of Ilaka that the traditional drummers are branded as Omo Lawani Amubieya Agogo Ija.” Pa Samuel explained. Bode Olabisi
Media 57 Group

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