University Girl in Trouble After Mistakenly Sending Her Nude Videos to Her Departmental WhatsApp Group in Makurdi.

A university student from Benue State got people reacting on social media after a nude video of herself went viral.

The lady whose intention could not be clearly understood but could be assumed to be trying to send the video to her boyfriend mistakenly sent the video to her departmental WhatsApp group.

Realizing this huge mistake the young lady attempted deleting the video but it was unfortunate for her that the WhatsApp spy apps could not allow her as several people could still access the video which has since gone viral.

Several people have reacted to this, some have gone far as making posts on Facebook trolling her and the her school.

Although some have alleged that she intentionally sent the video so as to gain fame and make rounds on the Internet, some maintain that it was an honest mistake.


Also, it can be reported that she is absolutely okay and hasn't reacted in any wrong way to the incident as she has continued with her normal day to day activities Interacting with friends without the fear of being stigmatized.

HYPEBENUE can also report that her friends have been very supportive to her, making her see reason so as to not base herself on events that have already happened.

Even on the social media, it can be seen that quite a lot of people have jumped to her defense reiterating that she's just an unlucky fellow caught doing what everyone else does.

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