Diane Ocheikwu - Resilience

A year much anticipated is now a year everyone is awaiting the end. Much was anticipated for this year,but not all were achieved. There`s a single word that serves as fitting representation of 2020: resilience. This year has created a great impact in every life. From the death of Kobe Bryant and the wild fires in Australia . Then the appeal to impeach Donald Trump. The COVID 19 global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protest has created such an impact that can`t be forgotten any time soon.
The End SARS protest that cost a lot of lives can also not be gone unnoticed. But through all these we survived and that`s a lot to be grateful for. A lot of sacrifices have been made. Resilience not only defined 2020 but it will also take us forward. We have no idea what 2021 will give, so let`s be prepared with a smile and a brave mind to face whatever is coming whether it`s good or bad. Have a very Happy New Year.

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