Diane Ocheikwu - Be strong

Don`t worry about tomorrow
Don`t stress for the future
Live like you`re breathing your last breath
Don`t vibe with bad energy
Don`t let dead weights drag you down
Enjoy what`s in front of you
It`s everything you`ll ever want
Live like it`s your last day 
Enjoy yourself to the fullest
Don`t make enemies, be friendly
One day you`ll leave this world behind
So live a life that will be remembered
The days that have gone cannot be replaced
The chances you didn`t take are gone
Don`t let the life slip away
Enjoy it while you have the chance
et go
And cry a little
Trust me it cleanses the mind
You can`t continue being strong for everyone
I`ve tried it so many times
You see I learnt a particular lesson recently and I learnt it the hard way
Never let a person bring you down with words
Be strong and wise
You are worth beyond a thousand diamonds 
So be strong
But you can also break down a little
In your weak times
Never allow anyone to hurt you
Be your own boss
Never and I`ll repeat never allow
A beautiful solid
beautiful building on the outside
But on the inside a stumbling pack of cards
We pretend to be strong
But at times we let someone use words to crush us
Never allow a person to play mind games with you
Be the bad bitch that you are
Stomp down any negative person trying to crawl up your mind 
Cry a litle it`s allowed
It`s not a sign of weakness
But that of strength
Be strong
Be your own boss

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