Dear old friend - Ashlyn

whenever i'm down
lost in the sound of the voices in my head 
wishing i was dead
you'd be my friend 
someone once said
losing a true friend
hurts worse then losing a fake love 
only now do i know what they meant 
watching the sunrise 
wishing i could just apologize 
but you believe my heart is full of lies 
tears fall down from my eyes
i'm sorry i hurt you; 
i know not the smartest person person alive
i never thought our friendship would end
ever since i met you my life started to bend 
but you soon became the popular trend 
i wish you needed me 
maybe then our friendship wouldn't be lost at sea 
i loved you like I've never loved any other friend, you see 
i would have given the world for you 
isn't that what real friends do
when you left me i became so blue 
the black hole of emptiness inside me grew 
were never going to be friends again are we
i know its because of what you think of me
you filled my life with so much glee
i'm sorry you think our friendship wasn't meant to be
i'm sorry for all those things i said 
i'm sorry that i want to be dead
i'm sorry for all those things i did 
all those times i brought you down
all those time i made you frown 
you turned my life upside down
i'm thankful i ever got to be your friend
i'm sorry that it had to end.

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