I WILL NEVER FORGET by Nwodo Perpetual C. @snazzy.com.ng

Written by Nwodo Perpetual C.

School, how pleasure and pleasant you are!
School, a place where people go to be educated
You are so good and nice!

My school a place
where there is
nothing like less
qualified teachers
A place where you
can find qualified teachers
So brainliant and well educated.

School a place
Where kids, teenagers and adults
Are engulf with enlightments
A place where our future leaders are bred
There is nothing to compare with you

Human beings are so wicked
The non-challant ones
Would not allow others
To enjoy their days in the school
The discrimination of
The junior ones by the
So called senior ones
Who refused to be engulf by the light of enlightments.
Wickedness too many to talk!

Thanks to the school
Authority that is okay!
Trying now to combat
The evil doings in the school
By the non-challant students.

Oh school!
you are so good to me
And to the world.
I will never forget
my days in the school.

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