Poems on RAPE

1. My Virginity - Skinny 

I think back to when it happened,
think back to that awful day.
The day when it all happened,
the day he took "it" away.

Fighting. Yelling. Crying.
It didn't matter how loud I screamed.
Nobody came to help me.
Nobody came to set me free.

I still dream of running,
of trying to break away.
Of feeling him catch me,
every damn day.

I see him in the shadows,
even while I'm at home.
I close my eyes and pray he's gone,
only then I can't help but feel him.

To this day I feel him,
his tight grip on my wrists,
The pressure of his body
as I tried to resist.

He continued to thrust away,
as I fought and yelled and cried.
It didn't matter how loud I screamed,
Nobody came to help me.
Nobody came to set me free.

2. Church service - makeitcount

It was like a church servicemy body was the church
and with all your sins
you came in me
I tried to be silent
as I prayed for a God

Tears rolling down my face
as I felt my spirit leaving the temple
that once was my body
Sorry father
for everything I have done wrong
Have mercy
for the ones that feel like heaven
may never really have existed

It was like a church service
that I had to attend every week
as I believed in a God
that was there for me through it all

3. I just write - Latesha

I can't talk to anybody,
I feel like nobody understands,
So I pick up some paper and grab me a pen.
You see me smile, but if you only knew
The things that I hold onto
And just can't seem to let go.
I know I must forgive, and I said that I do,
But I don't really think that I actually do.
Forgive my mother, my uncle, stepdad, and aunt's boyfriend
For the pain they put me through as a kid.
I spoke up, no one listened.
So it continued on and I just didn't mention
The things that went on in the middle of the night.
It happened before, so maybe it's all right.
At 5, at 8, at 9 and 10.
Over and over and over again.
She caught him, forgave, got married, nothing changed.
I'm over it now, I really am.
I think about it every now and then.
Have trouble sleeping at night.
I laugh about it now, especially when I used to sleep with a knife.
I know the only way to get over it,
Is to open up and speak,
But when I spoke when I was younger,
No one heard me.
So you tell me, WHAT THE HECK DO I DO,
When that voice in my head keeps saying,
You're wasting your time, no one cares about you.
I can't shake that, I've believed that my whole life.
I'm just glad that God gave me a pen, paper, and the ability to write.
'Cause when I feel like no one hears me,
I just write.

4. All Alone - Abi

All alone I sit and cry
I wonder why I can't just let myself die

I lay on my bed
Covering my head

The marks he leaves are red
But inside I'm already dead

I hope tonight he just falls asleep
So here in silence I may weep
Every day I clean and clean
But he gets more and more mean

He comes to my room
And I feel I'm doomed

I wish I could run
Run from what he calls "fun"

But the torture has just begun
Sometimes I wish I had his gun

I wish he was gone
I wish he had never done wrong

I wish I could be alone
Or just run from home

But home is all I've ever known
I can never be alone...

He is always there
Ready to tear

And I'm always here
Full of tears.....

5. Rape - Carrie

I lay there looking at the ceiling hoping something would stop you
Willing the words to come out from the back of my throat
It seemed so easy to say no before
So simple
But that day in your room it changed everything
I laid there as you kept going and you kept asking if it was okay
I guess you took the look of horror and fear on my face as a yes
You kept going further further
Unbuttoning my pants
Sliding down my underwear
Removing the condom from you drawer
And finally right before you started to pound out my soul
I got out that one little word, no
But that wasn't enough you played it off like it hadn't been said
I lay there as you took what little self-esteem I had left
Looking at the clock, begging the minuets to go faster
So it would all be done and I could home
Finally after 30 minutes you were finally finished
A grin flashed across your face and you told me how great you felt
You pulled out, I lay dazed and confused, unsure what was next
You told me "Next time you owe me,
This was all about you."

6. Why Do You Push - Jazmin Badilla

I was turning 11.
the day I needed to be happy, the
start of my 11th birthday.
but that was not the only thing
that it marked. It was also the
day that it had all started. I just
turned 11 and you just turned 15.
You knew more and were stronger.

the night came and you entered my
room as I lay awake in my bed next
to my 6 year old sister.
she was asleep and not able to witness
the horrible crime you did to me.

you poked me to see if I was awake and
I looked up smiling, hoping that you got
me something for my birthday.
but it was not. you told me to go in your
room and lay on your bed, I did exactly
that. you followed behind.
I did not know better. you pushed me back
and got on top of me.

I looked up at you, my heart pounding and
my finger tips and feet cold as ice. you told
me not to scream, you said that it would hurt.
and you were right. it felt like you were ripping
me up from the inside out. you did not slow down.
then finally there was blood coming from me. you
told me to go to the bathroom and it should stop
in 5 minutes. and when it did you raped me again.

I pushed you away and said no the quietest I could
and it sounded like nails on the board. you said
"and your point is..." and pushed your body in mine.
I cried from the pain but also because I was not aware
of what was happening.

it was the worst 5 years of my life.

7. I Guess It Didn`t - Secret

I know I should
I wish I could
Just let you know
What must not show
Another life
That is filled with strife

I said no
but I guess what I meant didn't really show
he drugged me
then hugged me
and after that he stripped me of my dignity
and stripped me of my confidence

I know I should
I wish I could
Just let you know
what must not show
another life
That is filled with strife

I said no
But I guess what I meant didn't really show
that when a girl says no
she really means no

8. How Could You - Cobi

How could you do this, do this to me?
I was only 14 when you raped me.
I have flashbacks from all the pain that you caused.
It plays in my mind. Stop, rewind, and then pause.
I remember your touch was so cold,
How you pushed me down and ripped off all of my clothes.
You did it harder and harder; you would not stop.
I was lying in bed crying no; I said, "No, please stop."
That night I thought my voice was not heard.
I was a victim, I was scared, I couldn't say a word.
Your touch, your feel, the pain is real.
I feel like a sad little girl
In a big cold and lonely world.
I'm 18 now and the pain is still with in me.
You're a rapist and my worst enemy.
How could you do something so evil?
You're a monster, a rapist, you're evil.
You will never understand all the damage you did,
The feelings, the pain, and the hurt that I feel.
You raped me, and my pain is real.
I wonder if I will overcome it and heal.
I was raped and I will learn how to deal.
I was raped because I did not consent to that deal.
You forced me and went against my will,
But I'll learn how to deal.
I can say I was raped and my body healed.
Even though I'm sad, I've learned to overcome it and deal.

9. Why Did You Pick Me - Keiasia Harris

Why am I different?
Why did you pick me?
Why did you take my hope,
my pride and virginity?
Was it my fault?
Was it meant to be?
Did I do something wrong?
Someone please help me.
I was young and hopeless with
no one to turn to.
I just wanted to be loved or even rescued!
Drugs were the only way to cope,
it was the only way to feel free,
to feel relieved.
Who am I?
an outrage waiting to happen?
Who am I?
a destroyed teen with nothing to live for!
What am I?
a disappointment and disgrace?
What happened to me?
How did I get this way?
All I wanted was to be normal,
and to feel loved.
All I wanted was happiness without drugs!
I'm all alone with no one to hear,
I had no one to turn to.
My father was never around and my mother
never really made a sound. I had to cope on my own.
But now I feel that I grew to be very strong.

10. Change What Is To Come - Anonymous

It's strange how a few short seconds can lead you in a whole new direction,
It alters how you think and act and see your own reflection.
From a single moment on, my life was forever changed,
Like everything I previously knew had suddenly been rearranged.

No one will ever understand just how I felt that day,
But deep within this poem I shall try to convey.
I cannot even begin to illustrate the repulsive person I once knew.
I intend to simply express the horror that I went through.

I was abruptly pinned against the wall of a hard, rough concrete stairwell,
At two AM, in Mexico, where not a soul was likely to dwell.
Suddenly I was captured, no possible way to escape.
Wondering if I deserved it, if it was truly my fate.

I tried to fly away, but my wings he had been broke.
I was like an innocent cow that he used to prod and poke.
My mind filled with confusion, and his filled with lust.
He took another part of me with each and every thrust.

Tears like elegant pearls gracefully danced down my face.
I peered into his soul with a firm look of disgrace.
His cold touch like a vacuum, sucking out the life in me.
His ears were wide open, but he wouldn't hear my plea

Standing there in the night, so scared, so exposed.
I was covered by a veil of darkness, like satin petals of a rose.
The glowing moon looked down at me, peaking through a massive blanket of stars.
I could touch it; it seemed so close, but it was really oh so far.

Worse than at the doctor; he injected me with filth and dirt.
His intention was deliberate; it was very clear and overt.
It is a bit funny that a piece of scum is all he'll ever be,
And the only thing that he accomplished doing in life is me.

Sometimes late at night I simply can't fall sleep
Thinking about how my innocence is no longer mine to keep.
What some can only imagine in their worst possible nightmare
Is my gruesome reality that can't be undone nor repaired.

I may have the sweetest smile, glowing between my nose and chin,
But only I know the truth about the deep secrets held within.
I may have the prettiest eyes that have seen more than they should
And have cried more delicate tears than anyone else ever could.

I may have the kindest heart, but that came with a cost.
It has felt the worst of pains and experienced the greatest loss.
I cannot change the past, an event to which I succumbed.
But I can focus on the present and change what is to come.

We are all so different and yet so much the same.
Everyone, in some way or another, will experience a kind of pain.
Everybody has things they wish not to recall,
Into each life some rain must fall.

Scattered throughout our lives, like a friend that is one of a kind,
Dreary days will steadily approach, bad memories trailing behind.
These dark days are necessary, just as important as the rest,
For if we didn't have the worst, we couldn't recognize the best.

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