Educate your kids about RAPE

 Parents and guardians need to give their kids a first hand knowledge about rape in order for them to know what to do when faced with the dilemna even with pressure, threats or non-physical force. 


Do you find it hard to educate your kids about rape. Well, here are tips to make it happen :

1. Body language and Facial expression  :  Let your kid be bold enough to say NO both in body language and facial expression to every sexual activity posed by a rapist.

2. Don`t fear rejection : Some kids are unable to say NO to people they know so as not to hurt their feelings. Teach your kids a way to deal with dejection.

3. Overcoming pressure : Tell your kids never to allow their peers or people put pressure into them for sexual activity. It is unhealthy to engage in those practices.

4. Disregard stereotypes : Don`t hold myths in high esteem as most of them are not true.  

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