15 things artistes can do to conquer in the music industry

1. Have positive feeling .

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Be confident and hopeful at every turn that things will work out . It`s the most powerful tool to hold . Starting music as a carrier is quite tough . Believe in yourself . Don`t look at other artistes at first it`s gonna bring you down .

2. Harness the talent 

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Music is a talent that needs to be harnessed . Learn from music teachers that are too good . Study their background and what they have done . Give an ear to every music and find joy in doing it .

3. Accept good advice

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Take an advice from a music professional who is successful . Try not to listen to people who know nothing about music . Even those who know , accept good advice .

4.  Form / Join  a strong and professional label

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Connect with other talented people and form a strong label or better still join a label . A label strengthens you and aids you to deliver good music .

5. Nobody was born to be a star

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The music business is like travelling on a road with obstacles . You have to strive hard and shoot the stars . Don`t let trials make you give up on yourself .

6. Touring , Publishing and branding

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You have to understand the top revenue stream makers in the music business .

Touring : Hosting tours in different parts of the country and reaching out to your audience .
Publishing : Having master rights and performance / mechanical rights to publish and control your works .
Branding : Make your image , logos and everything about your music clear .

7. Get incorporated.

Get incorporated so as to receive tax breaks and manage your cash flow and expenses properly . Just log onto LegalZoom.com and get started .

8. Learn how to produce 

Producing your music gives you higher chances of being top . It`s gonna take time and money but you just have to be patient to yield results .

9. Get registered 

Get registered under Performing rights societies . This society monitors how your song is played online and pay you .

10. Get a copyright 

Copyright is a property that gives you the right alone to publish your works . Subscribe to copyright organisations to secure you from theft .

11. Distribute your music effectively 

Get your music distributed on all platforms so that your audience can easily access your tracks and Ep`s . Music streaming platforms like audiomack , souncloud and the rest you just need to create an account and your good to go . Websites too can be used .

12. Connect on Social 

Discuss your music on social media platforms , reach to your audience , ask them what they should expect from you while you maintain a cordial relationship .

13. Create a team

To be successful in music you need a team . A team that can inspire , motivate and believe in you always .

14. Hard work will pay 

Have faith that all your hardwork will pay off . This should ginger and motivate you . This is what has determined the success of artistes .

15. Don`t bite the hands that feeds you  

Don`t bite the hands that feeds you when you`re full then turn around and expect a hand out when you`re straving . Stay humble always .

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