10 Mistakes Artistes Make

There are millions of mistakes that have caused the downfall of artistes but we are gonna be discussing 10 of them :

1. Uploading Dead link

Upload your song on a website and have a good link so it will be easy for your fans to download it otherwise you have them lose interest in you . This mistake also entails uploading your song late .

2.  No profile

Some artistes have kept a ghost profile and think they can promote their music and grow an audience . As an artiste who wants to make it in the industry have a detailed and updated profile from time time . Your profile could be on social media or a blog , it should contain the links to your songs , mixtape , album and music career experience . Who knows who can be interested in you ?

3. No genre

Some artistes jump from one genre to another delivering songs . It is difficult for fans to follow because they may love his flow today and don`t tomorrow . Choose a particular genre and keep on working .

4. No social media account

Having a social media account helps you share you music , connect with producers & DJ`s that give your music the taste it deserves and reach out to your audience .

5. No featuring

Don`t feel you can do it alone featuring another artiste calls people to your song especially an artiste who has been giving good jams . Get an artiste share roles and work together .

6. Record deals

Many artistes do not take note of record label deals before signing them which make them end up as slaves working for the benefit of the label . When you are to sign any deal look at it carefully before you make a move .

7. No personal song collection

Always keep record of your songs to help get a good connection with you and your audience

8. Contact address

Having a contact address can go along way in lifting an artiste . A sponsor or music lover can get the contact and help you .

9. Alternative skills 

Lay your hands on other skills in the music industry is not all about am a singer or rapper in the music industry . Skills like Audio production , Sound engineering , Producer , Backup singer e.t.c harness one`s musical talent the more .

10. Free show / Event

Free shows help create massive awareness and a place to perform your songs . As an artiste whose coming up , a small place will do and avoid spending money . This is a powerful tool to hold unto .

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